Launch Date?

January 1st, 2024

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1. Launch Date?
2. What hospitals will we transport to?
3. Why should I participate in BixbyCare?
4. If I already have health insurance, do I need BixbyCare?
5. How do I pay for BixbyCare?
6. If I have BixbyCare, will you still submit a claim to my insurance company?
7. How does this affect people living outside the City limits who rely on the Bixby Fire Department emergency services?
8. I just moved to Bixby, am I immediately subscribed?
9. I am currently renting the house I live in. Are my roommates also covered?
10. I own a rental home. Are my tenants covered?
11. Will I still receive ambulance service if I’m not a BixbyCare member?
12. Why did the City Council adopt this program?
13. Do I have to enroll every year?
14. I am a City of Bixby resident and have BixbyCare; can I still subscribe to EMSAcare?
15. I live in Bixby and subscribe to EMSAcare directly with EMSA. Will I get an EMSAcare subscription refund when Bixby leaves the EMSA system?