How can I get a flag put on my Veteran’s grave for Memorial Day Weekend?

A small flag may be placed at grave spaces throughout the cemetery for the Memorial Day weekend that has an existing Veteran’s marker on the space, or possibly a Veteran’s headstone at the head of the space. 

A group designated by the City may facilitate a special commemorative “Memorial Day Service” on Memorial Day that includes a variety of events. Flags are put up throughout the cemetery for the weekend; and a civic organization may have small flags placed at the grave spaces that have an existing Veteran’s marker. 

A family can honor their loved one with a military marker and/or headstone provided by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. Please contact the Cemetery Administrator for more information. The City Administrator needs to be notified at the time of ordering, be provided a copy of the VA Form 40-1330 and Proof of Military Service, and will need to gather additional information. No monuments or markers are permitted to be set in the Bixby Cemetery without prior approval from the Cemetery Administrator.

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