Are there any ways I can make a difference?


As a resident of the City of Bixby, here are a few ways you can help keep our water resources clean and beautiful.

In your yard

  • Avoid applying fertilizer just before a storm. Fertilizer needs a day or two to sit; otherwise, it will only wash away into a storm drain where it negatively impacts the quality and the environment.  Follow the directions on the label and apply only the amount indicated for your lawn size.
  • Never use motor oil, gasoline, or kerosene to kill weeds and insects.  These substances will eventually end up in our water.
  • Use pesticides as a last resort and try less toxic alternatives.  Some insects are a good thing.
  • Plant native plants.  Plants that require less water and maintenance to thrive in our Oklahoma climate.
  • Use a cycle and soak method when watering your lawn, adding time between watering cycles allows the water to soak into the soil versus running off.
  • Bag and dispose of your pet’s waste in a garbage can. Pet waste that remains on the lawn contains harmful bacteria that can wash into our waterways and ultimately into our water resources.  Pet waste is not a good fertilizer for your lawn.
  • Sweep and collect your yard trimmings into a large bag and place it in your trash cart for regularly scheduled pickup days.  Never wash your yard trimmings into the street or storm drain.  Cleaning storm drains adjacent to your property to help prevent localized flooding.

Maintaining your Car

  • Avoid washing your car in the driveway; it allows soapy water, oil, dirt, and grime to enter our stormwater. 
  • Consider taking it to a car wash facility where water is recycled and eventually sent to the sanitary sewer system for treatment.
  • Repair your vehicle leaks as soon as you notice them preventing the negative impact that car fluids can have on our environment.
  • Dispose or recycle your used motor oil, oil filters, and antifreeze at an auto service facility where these items are collected.
  • Recycle car batteries at designated facilities, which include most auto service centers where these items are sold.  Be aware that there may be a fee for the service.
  • Store any automotive parts in an area protected from the rain.  This keeps remnants of oil and grease away from the ground and out of our storm drains.

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