What causes stormwater pollution?

Everyday activities we do around our homes, yards, and businesses impact the quality of our stormwater.  Some examples include over fertilizing our yards or doing so before a significant rain event, not picking up pet waste, and use of pesticides.  Cars leaking oil or fluids from vehicles, grass, leaves, and other yard debris are other forms of common stormwater pollutants.

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1. What is stormwater runoff?
2. What is polluted stormwater runoff?
3. Can leaves and grass go into the storm drain?
4. What causes stormwater pollution?
5. Why do we need to manage stormwater runoff?
6. How can I help prevent stormwater pollution?
7. What is an illicit discharge?
8. Doesn’t stormwater runoff go into the sanitary sewer?
9. What is an impervious surface area?
10. Are there any ways I can make a difference?
11. What should I do if I see or suspect an illicit discharge?
12. Whom do I contact if I have further questions?