How do I locate someone buried in Bixby Cemetery?
  • View our searchable online map. In the Search Bar at the top left corner, type either the first or last name. Suggestions: do not type in the full name. Type in the more unique of the first and last names. A drop box will open with a list of names from which to choose. Find the decedent’s name and click on it. This will take you to the highlighted Block, Lot and Space number where they are located on the map.
  • You can also visit the Cemetery Monday through Friday, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm and get help from the Cemetery Superintendent, if he is available at that time. Or you can call the Cemetery Administrator. We can look up the name and give you the location in the cemetery. If needed, cemetery maps are also available online, or with Cemetery Staff.

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8. How do I locate someone buried in Bixby Cemetery?
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