What kind of Monument can we put on a grave?

Bixby Cemetery allows one upright monument per grave space, and only at the designated area at the head (or West end) of that space. Also allowed are flat markers like foot stones, cremation memorials and corner markers; but no more than 2 flat markers per space. These flat markers must be flush with the surrounding terrain. They may not be raised above the ground level. All monument orders must be submitted to the Cemetery Administrator for review and approval prior to production. Monuments/headstones/markers may only be set in the Bixby Cemetery by a monument company; and the Cemetery Administrator must receive 48 hours’ notice prior to coming into the Cemetery to set a monument. Please note that benches, urns, boxes, shells, fencing, etc., are strictly prohibited by City Ordinance. Such articles, if found upon the premises, shall be removed. For complete information with regards to regulations for monuments, please see our full Cemetery Rules & Regulations or contact the Cemetery Administrator

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