Zoning Code and Subdivision Code Update (2023)


With continued growth and changing development needs, the City of Bixby began the process of updating Planning tools and regulations in 2018 with the adoption of an updated long range Comprehensive Plan (City of Bixby 2030 Comprehensive Plan).  This Plan serves as a guidance document for future land use and development.
In 2022, the City continued the modernization process by selecting Matrix Design Group, Inc. to update both the Zoning Code and Subdivision Regulations.  Previous updates were completed in 1974 and 2002, respectively.  The Zoning Code governs approved land uses while the Subdivision Regulations specifies the requirements for implementing those land uses through the development process.  

First Open House Meeting

The City of Bixby held an open house on Tuesday, November 14th  to both inform and receive input from the community on the Zoning and Subdivision Ordinance Update.  Attendees learned about the existing zoning code and subdivision code, the update project, and provided their preferences for several zoning and development code elements – including building materials, landscaping, parking, and signs. 
If you couldn’t attend the open house, all meeting materials including the informational boards, questionnaire, visual preference survey, and IDPlaces are available online. The online activities will be open until December 7th

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For project related questions or comment contact Gwen Plante, Assistant City Planner

For technical assistance contact Patrick Small, Project Manager.