Locate a Grave Instructions

Bixby Cemetery Layout

The Cemetery is divided into Block-Lot-Space numbers for example 01-001-01 or Block 01 Lot 001 Space 01. 

Each Lot has Six Spaces. 

A space number followed by an "A" or "B" (for example 1A or 1 B) indicates the second or third interment in the space number. 

Not all cremains can be located by a name search. You may need to:

  • Know the name of someone else buried in that same space and try a name search for them. 
  • Contact the Cemetery Administrator or Supervisor. 

How to Use "Locate a Grave"

  1. Go to the Locate a Grave Map
  2. Enter a loved one's name in the "Search" Box. 
    • Try Entering just a first or last name. If one of the names is more unique, try using it for your search. 
  3. A box will pop up Results Box will appear with names fitting your search (first and last names)
  4. Click on your loved one's name. 
  5. The map will highlight the location within the cemetery where your loved one is located. 
  6. You will also be shown a text box showing the Block, Lot and Space number where they are located.