Physical Performance Test

Minimum Physical Performance Test 

Mandated by Oklahoma Firefighters Pension and Retirement System.

The candidate, shall be required to complete and pass a minimum physical performance or agility test. The requirements for the test may be incorporated into actual essential job functions test, if equivalent to the requirements listed below and with prior approval by the State Pension Board of the performance test. The candidate must sign Form 10, a Waiver and Release of any and all liability from injuries incurred as a result of the physical performance test. There shall be a minimum of six functions that shall be verified when the candidate is tested. The pass-fail test shall be part of the candidate's pension records.

The Candidate shall complete

  1. Run 1 1/2 miles within 13 minutes. 
  2. The Candidate shall perform 35 bent-knee sit-ups within 2 minutes. 
  3. Push-ups (standard) - minimum: 25 
  4. The candidate, given a beam secured to a level floor and measuring 20 ft. (6m) long by 3 to 4 in. (76 to 102mm) wide and given a length of fire hose weighing at least 20 lb. (9 kg.), shall walk the length of the beam, carrying the length of hose, without falling off, or stepping off the beam. 
  5. The candidate, given a weight of 125 lb. (57 kg.) shall lift the weight from the floor and carry the weight 100 ft. (305m) without stopping. 
  6. The candidate, starting from an erect position with feet apart, the distance approximately shoulder width, shall move a 15 lb (7kg.) weight in the following manner: bend over, grasp the weight with both hands while it is at a point on the floor between the feet, and lift weight to waist level, then place the weight on the floor approximately 12 in. (305 mm) outside the right foot. The weight shall then be moved alternately in the fashion from left foot to waist level, to right; right to waist level to left until it has been moved 7 times in each direction with the total horizontal distance of travel being at least 21 in. (610 mm) more than the space between the feet for each of the 14 moves. This shall be done in less than 35 seconds.