Winter Street Maintenance (Snow Routes)

Winter Street Maintenance & Snow Routes

The Bixby Winter Maintenance Map (PDF) indicates in green the Winter Maintenance Snow Routes established by the City of Bixby Public Works Department of major arterial streets and intersections which will be cleared/salted/sanded as need arises due to snow and/or ice accumulating conditions.

Entry into subdivisions will not be made by City snow/ice removal vehicles.

Subdivision streets may be maintained by the homeowner associations or neighborhoods and/or their contractors providing adequate insurance coverage of street curbing, driveway aprons, or parked vehicles.


Costs incurred for the application and removal of salt, sand or use of snow plows in neighborhoods will be borne by the homeowner associations/neighborhoods and will require the removal of sand, salt, etc., from streets with a street sweeping device that will not allow sand and/or debris to enter the storm water drainage system causing potential blockage.

Oklahoma Department of Transportation

U. S. Highway 64 (Memorial Drive) and OK State Highway 67 (151st Street West of Memorial) will be maintained by Division VIII, Oklahoma Department of Transportation as indicated in red on the Bixby Winter Maintenace Map (PDF). Arterial streets indicated in blue will be maintained by Tulsa County District III.