Project Updates

  1. Harmony Bridge
  2. 2016 Bond
  3. Surface Transportation Program
  4. Downtown Revitilization
  5. Haikey Creek Levee
  6. Cemetery Fence

Harmony Bridge Concept view from Roadway About the Project

The history of Harmony Bridge dates back to 1939 when it was first constructed.  The bridge was the passageway into Bixby for many years, carrying traffic on Memorial (US-64) until the 1990’s. The Bridge was constructed after the collapse of the older Arkansas River Bridge built in 1911. To some the Bridge will remain known as the ’Banana Bridge’ because of the yellow which although not the original color, has dawned its metal for a number of years. To some the Bridge signifies a monumental moment in their life, an engagement, senior photos, a kiss, ’locking in love’ with a love lock, amazing sunsets, training for marathons, or even watching the river rise during historical flooding.  The Bridge is not only a literal connection from North to South, but also a gathering place to bring people together. 

 The City of Bixby is excited to give new life to the Bridge and honor it the way it deserves!

Harmony Bridge Phase 1 Complete with painting of the Frame Rails a light blue

Phase 1 of Harmony Bridge, which consisted of painting the structure, was completed in May of 2020.

 Harmony Bridge Phase II was awarded to Myers-Cherry Construction.  The works consists of: deck repairs and coating, installation of lights, shade structures, and activity stations. Construction was started in October of 2020.