Fire Chief's Office

  1. Joseph Sherrell

    E.M.S. Chief

    The City of Bixby is pleased to announce that Joseph Sherrell has been hired for the New Bixby Emergency Medical Services (E.M.S.) Chief. The hiring of Sherrell is a crucial step in the implementation of expanding the Bixby Fire Department’s services to include Ambulance Services to the Residents of the City of Bixby.

    Chief Sherrell started on January 28th, 2022  and will lead the transition steps with training of personnel, as well as, purchasing and outfitting of ambulances with the anticipated services starting in 2024.

    Sherrell is a native of Tulsa growing up in West Tulsa and graduating from Webster High School. He is a 15-year veteran of the Tulsa Fire Department, serving 8 years in the E.M.S. Office and 7 years in Incident Management. Sherrell was with the Emergency Medical Services Authority (E.M.S.A) for 13 years as a Paramedic. He is a graduate from Oklahoma State University receiving his bachelor’s degree in Fire Protection Safety and is currently pursuing his master’s degree.

    E.M.S. Chief Sherrell wished to convey, “It is my privilege to serve as Bixby’s first EMS Chief. I am excited to join the Bixby leadership team and work alongside an outstanding group of firefighters. Together, we will build a first-class EMS system to protect the citizens and visitors of the Bixby community."