Mosquito Control



As a result of a decision from a federal court in 2009 declaring that point source discharges of pesticides into the waters of the U.S are pollutants and thus regulated by the Clean Water Act, a federal NPDES Permit is now required for activities like mosquito spraying. In order to both avoid duplication of effort and to maximize the potential benefits of economies of scale, Tulsa County Health Department (THD) included Bixby and other Tulsa County cities within in its NPEDS permit, and has now assumed responsibility for mosquito spraying in our community.


As part of its NPEDS permit, THD must provide the federal government with its contact information, description of the treatment area, identification of mosquito and mosquito management practices, and product information. Also, THD must inspect and monitor the mosquito population, any possible environmental adverse effects, and keep accurate records of pesticide application to ensure that the limits set by the Permit are met.


As part of its mosquito spraying protocol, THD uses traps to monitor the mosquito population and any risks of mosquito related diseases.

The City of Bixby no longer sprays for mosquitoes locally as to not jeopardize the terms of THD’s NPEDS Permit. Should you be concerned about excessive mosquitoes in your area and wish to request spraying by THD, please contact THD directly at 918-595-4219.

Citizens are also urged to do their part to control mosquito population in our area, by regularly checking around their homes to ensure there is no stale, standing water in areas that tend to collect water, including buckets, bowls, etc… as these can serve as insect breeding grounds.

Reporting Complaints

To place a complaint about mosquitoes in your area, please call 918-582-9355 or Online at Tulsa Health Departments Website.