Request an Inspection

Any permit issued prior to July 1 , 2017 may still use the request an inspection form.

Any permit issued after July 1, 2017 must schedule inspections through GovMotus.

How to Request an Inspection

Method 1: Phone

Call the 24 hour voice line 918-366-0415 to record your request. Be sure to leave your Name, Phone Number, Permit Number, Address, Type of inspection, and either a.m. or p.m. if you have a preference.

Method 2: Fax

The Receptionist has request forms or you can download the Request Form (PDF). Please make note of new fax number to fax in requests for inspections: 918-366-4416. Should you have any questions please contact Donna Crawford at 918-366-4430.

Method 3: Online

Log on to your account on GovMotus and select request an inspection on the dashboard

Request Time

Requests, using any method received after 8 a.m., will be done the following day.