Opportunity Gap

Businesses grow where the opportunities are. And opportunity abounds in Bixby, Oklahoma. The latest Opportunity Gap retail leakage study found half a billion dollars of opportunity in Bixby. With a retail leakage of $600 million for the Bixby trade area, there is a proven, ready market for businesses in key categories, including:

  • Automotive Accessories/Parts/Tires$10 million
  • Building Materials and Supplies$110 million
  • Clothing Stores$40 million
  • Department Stores$90 million
  • Electronics and Appliances$18 million
  • Full-Service Restaurants$47 million
  • Grocery Stores$43 million
  • Office Supplies, Stationery$12 million
  • Pharmacies and Drug Stores$27 million
  • Shoe Stores$3 million
  • Sporting Goods$14 million

Effective Buying Income

In addition to the size of the retail leakage, Bixby residents rank significantly ahead of the Tulsa MSA in general for Effective Buying Income, a measurement of income earned after taxes. This available spending income allows Bixby residents to afford a generally upscale lifestyle.